The mission of the FCNC is to organize the vast network of cognitive, behavioral, and systems neuroscientists in Florida to have a direct impact on scientific discovery, neuroscience training, technology development, and translational goals. To accomplish this, our consortium promotes the collaboration and visibility of neuroscientists investigating the neurobiological basis of cognitive function in the state of Florida. Moreover, we aim to promote excellence in neuroscience training and effectively communicate our contributions to regional and international scientific communities.

Integral to the FCNC mission is the sharing of resources across institutions so the state can better capitalize on our combined neuroscience expertise and experience. We believe that a “rising tide lifts all boats”, and strive to achieve scientific excellence by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

While many of our experimental systems are aimed at investigating basic mechanisms, we endeavor to apply knowledge gained by our members to developing innovative interventions for optimizing brain health from childhood into advanced age.

Toward this mission FCNC holds an annual meeting late Spring every year to share research, invite out-of-state speakers, and advance neuroscience in the state of Florida.