May 16

2:00 pm Data Blitz and Welcome reception

           Moderator: Sara Burke

Florida Consortium on the Neurobiology of Cognition 2019 Opening Datablitz Session (5 min/talk)

  • Tian Lin (post doc, UF Psychology): “Neurofeedback training of selective attention in advanced age: A real-time fMRI approach targeting dACC plasticity”
  • Puck Reeders (grad student, FIU Psychology): “mPFC activations reflect ordinal represetnations during sequence memory in humans”
  • Nick Dicola (grad student, UF Neuroscience): “Age-related decreases in CA3-CA1 ripple coordination”
  • Brandon Hindman (grad student, FAU Psychology): “Consolidation of long-term object memory in C57BL/6J mice is enhanced by systemic administration of a dopamine D1 agonist, or post-training exposure to a novel context”
  • Aleks Tomic (grad student, UF Linguistics): “Effects of code-switching on emotional processing of taboo words”
  • Andrew P. Maurer (PI, UF Neuroscience): “The gamma oscillation in the dentate gyrus”
  • Mandy Renfro (grad student, FIU Psychology): “Learning related changes in hippocampal and caudate activations for conditional association”
  • Didem Pehilvanoglu (postdoc, UF Psychology): “Chronic oxytocin administration in older men increases trust towards out-group members”
  • Claire Rice (grad student, FAU Psychology): “Small conductance Ca2+ activated K+ channels modulate the expression of ketamine-induced cognitive impairments in C57BL/6J mice”
  • Lea Truckenbrod (grad student, UF Neuroscience): “Targeted hippocampal GABA neuron ablation produces hippocampal sclerosis, epilepsy, and dissociable effects on the Morris Water Maze and object-place paired association tasks”

Cypress and Grove ( 1001 NW 4th St, Gainesville, FL 32601

Light appetizers and food for purchase

May 17

8:30 am Welcome and opening remarks, DeWeese Auditorium

9:00 am Keynote address, DeWeese Auditorium

Dr. Karyn Frick, Professor Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Neural mechanisms underlying the estrogenic regulation of memory consolidation

10:15 am coffee break

10:30 am Symposium I: Prefrontal cortical-medial temporal lobe interactions

Chairs: Dr. Abbi Hernandez and Maanasa Jayachandran

Dr. Abbi Hernandez (postdoc, UF Neuroscience): “Age-related alterations in biconditional associations and underlying PFC-MTL circuitry

Dr. Sarah Johnson (postdoc, UF Neuroscience): “Differential recruitment of medial temporal lobe by mnemonic discrimination in young and aged rats

Christine Simmons (graduate student, FSU Neuroscience): “Reference Frame Coordination for Spatial Orientation

Maanasa Jayachandran (graduate FIU, Psychology): “Prefrontal pathways provide top-down control of memory for sequences of events

11:30 am Featured FCNC Talk

Dr. Aaron Wilber, Assistant Professor, Psychology & Neuroscience, Florida State University

Parietal-Hippocampal Network for Reference Frame Transformation for Spatial Orientation in Health and Disease

12:00 pm Lunch Break, catered in DeWeese

1:00 pm Symposium II: Brain, language, and bilingualism

Chairs: Dr. Edith Kaan and Dr. Elenora Rossi  

Dr. Eleonora Rossi (PI, UF Linguistics): “Bilinguals and language learning: MRI and fMRI research

Dr. Edith Kaan (PI, UF Linguistics) and Jorge Valdes Kroff (PI, UF Linguistics): “Code switching in Spanish-English bilinguals: an ERP/EEG study

Dr. Lori Altmann (PI, UF Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences): “Effect of exercise on language production in Parkinsons”

2 min Data blitzes:

  • Dr. Souad Kheder (postdoc, UF Linguistics): “Language control in code-switchers: Does cognitive control decline with codeswitching?
  • Atharva Chopde (undergrad, UF Linguistics): “Effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation on phonological memory and statistical language learning
  • Brian Orr (grad student, UF Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences): “Assessing Implicit Auditory Category Learning Using Language-Based Stimuli
  • Jingchen Xu (grad student, UF Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences): “Tracking Eye-movement in Comprehension of Passives within Relative Clauses

2:00 pm Featured FCNC Talk

Dr. Natalie Ebner, Associate Professor Department of Psychology, University of Florida

Oxytocin and Human Aging: Brain-Behavioral Evidence of Benefits on Cognitive and Socioemotional Functioning

2:30 pm Symposium III: Sex differences and mental health

Chair: Kristin Schoepfer

Dr. Caitlin Orsini (postdoc, UF Psychiatry): “Hormonal regulation of risky choice

Dr. Caesar Hernandez (postdoc, UF Neuroscience): “Hormonal regulation of impulsive choice

Kristin Schoepfer (grad student, FSU Neuroscience): “Sex differences in environmental valence processing

3:30 pm Symposium IV: Cognitive function in aging and neurodegenerative disease

Chairs: Alina Stimmel and Danielle Benthem

Alina Stimmel (grad student, FSU Neuroscience): “Functional and pathological changes in the parietal-hippocampal network underlie impaired spatial reorientation in AD mice”

Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida (PI, UF Aging): “Chronic pain and accelerated biological aging”

Danielle Benthem (grad student, FSU Neuroscience): “Compensatory sleep changes and impaired memory reactivation in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease”

Dr. Barry Setlow (PI, UF Neuroscience): “Could peripheral nerve stimulation be an effective treatment for cognitive decline in aging?

5:30 pm Dinner for FCNC group at Leonardo’s 706, 706 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601