Our Approach


The Florida Consortium on the Neurobiology of Cognition (FCNC) was established in 2016 by researchers from Florida International University, Florida State University and the University of Florida. The inaugural meeting took place in Gainesville establishing the mission and leadership structure, including the election of our founding president Dr. Sara N. Burke from the University of Florida.

The founding members conduct multidisciplinary and state-of-the-art neuroscience research integrating pharmacology, cellular and molecular neuroscience, in vivo neurophysiology, and anatomical and functional magnetic resonance imaging in a variety of model systems. The complimentary approaches across research laboratories in the state of Florida leads to truly innovative and ground breaking scientific discoveries. Work by consortium members has direct impact on every day life from education and technology to brain health across the life-span.

The FCNC also provides world-class education to undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral fellows preparing the future generation of scientists.

Our Story